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  • EHR LG CNS EHR Solutions represent the most intuitive and fully integrated web-based EHR platform covering clinical, billing and administration in the Long Term Care industry. Our solution has been developed from the ground-up and bottom-down with real, leading post acute and long term care companies, staff and industry leaders to address detailed day-to-day operations to accountable care organizations and pay-per-performance issues – our solution is the only offering that has been designed and developed with industry experts and end users. Our goal is to assist operators in improving quality of care, optimizing reimbursement, minimizing risk and enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Key Features

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  • LG CNS EHR Solutions are designed to deliver maximum value to all stakeholders in post acute care and downstream to their referral sources and ancillary partners.

Fully integrated EHR platform

  • The EHR incorporates all daily operations based on a single database and highly organized modular structures enabling seamless communication among staff and management for collaborative care delivery to residents. The solution maximizes direct care time and efforts of staff, while reducing waste associated with redundant documentation and processes; with the option for cloud-based delivery, the solution offers hassle-free IT system.

Visual and Intuitive Tool for Staff, Management and Enterprise

  • Our solutions provide user-defined To-Do Lists based on user’s roles and responsibilities. For management, the solution provides various Dashboards to visualize what is actually happening in a facility or across an enterprise in real time at a glance. Users can set their own dashboards based on their roles and responsibilities. Because it is an integrated solution, it can provide a variety of consolidated views combined with administration, clinical and billing information.

    Every screen is designed with common formats enabling users to learn and become familiar with the systems quickly and easily. It provides access to any required documents or information with minimum navigation. A key to intuitive interfaces and design is user experience and aesthetics, an area where the LG brand of companies excels.

Compliance Improvement

  • Our solutions contain embedded functionalities to alert users of required regulatory documentation and in some cases, automated documentation. The compliance enhancement features enable improved regulatory performance and enhanced reimbursements. From a technical perspective, everything is standards-based: HIPAA, HL7, ICD 9 and 10, EDI and well-designed architecture allow for the best interfaces in the industry.

Flexible and Scalable

  • We developed the software with various organizations from independent owners to multifacility enterprises that also operate assisted living, home health, hospice, rehab, and other ancillaries. Our LG CNS EHR will be the only fully-integrated EHR that spans the entire continuum of care, a monumental advantage in the world of ACO’s, Managed Care and Pay-fo-Performance.

    We designed our master data structure and state-of-the-art web architecture to give customers greater flexibility of their workflows and can support various service models such as on-premise, private or self-hosting or internet-based cloud services.

It is a Plug-and-Play Ready

  • The solution comes preinstalled with embedded, proven, standard master data, alerts, reminders, pharmacy and EDI interfaces, etc. all of which are added continuously. These best-practice resources are built-in, adding critical value for companies of all sizes. Of course, enterprises can customize these workflows and contents by for their own organizations, or building-by-building.


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  • The LG CNS Integrated EHR platform ensures seamless flow of resident information gathered from pre-admission all the way through Clinical, MDS and Billing. It enhances accurate documentation and billing and eliminates redundant documentation.
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